Healthcare Supply Chain Consulting optimizes your current legacy system.

X3 optimizes your current legacy system and the processes utilized, to support your daily supply chain activaties.  We will maximize the technology system to its full potential while maintaining efficiency and savings.

Supply Chain Assessment

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X3 does a full analysis of supply chain transactions from the vendor, to the patient charges, before they pass to the patient billing.  We verify that all procurement transactions have been paid at the current price, with the correct terms available, based on contract terms.  The item master is validated to the charge description master for verification, that each and every item has a proper charge code, to effectively bill the patient.   

Physician Preference Card and OR Block Time Utilization

Healthcare Supply Chain, Healthcare supply chain, healthcare supply chain

X3 takes the OR operations seriously from the supply chain process to the patient charge capture process.  In addition to those two encompassing areas, we also look in depth at the PPI and the OR Block Utilization.  What is the return rate for the items picked for each case?  What is causing case delays or cancelled cases?  What is the current Surgeon block utilization?  We analyze the detail to determine where the breakdown is located, and recommend process and system changes to reduce costs and associated breakdowns.